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Product name Safety Goggles
Model No. SL-60
Size The length of the mirror is 15cm, the height of the mirror is 8cm, the overall width is 7cm, the nose distance is 3cm, and the edge distance is 17.5cm (measured manually, there is 1-2cm error)
Main structural composition Medical isolation eye mask is composed of a protective mask and an elastic fixing band. PC lens and PVC frame, The melt-solidified combination achieves anti-fog effect through nano-surface engineering and strengthening . Non-sterile, single-use
Scope of application It is used for protection in medical institutions during inspection and treatment, blocking body fluids, blood splashing or splashing.
Packing 1PC/PE bag,15PCS/BOX,150PCS/CTN
Model / Specification With side type
Instructions for use 1.Open the package to take out the product. 2.After opening the elastic band when wearing, fix the goggles in a comfortable eye position so that the goggles can fit the face firmly. 3.Flexible wearing (compatible with myopia and reading glasses),wide field of vision, anti-fog, anti-splash, anti-impact. Warnings 1.Non-sterile. Please read the instructions carefully before use. It should be used within 2 years 2.The lens adopts double-sided anti-fog technology, which cannot be wiped with dry paper towels or cloths, so as not to damage the anti-fog film layer and shorten the service life. 3.Wipe or maintain the lens with a soft nano fiber cloth. Do not wash. 4.The lens adopts self-healing high-tech coating to avoid sharp objectsfrom scratching the lens surface. The goggles can be reused after being professionally sterilized (not liquid soaked). It is strictly forbidden to use liquids with chemical components (such as detergent, washing powder, soap and acetone or alcohol)